What are the benefits?

You’ve seen the growing number of electric vehicles around Milton Keynes and now want to know what all the fuss is about? Here’s just a couple of reasons why driving an electric car can improve your lifestyle.


With the rising costs of petrol and diesel as well as government grants, now is the perfect time to switch to an electric car.


The UK has an enormous air quality problem. By owning an electric car, you will play a key role in lowering carbon emissions.


Don’t believe us? Come try out our electric range from the EV Experience Centre to see their full potential.


Fed up of loud engine noises giving you a headache? Electric vehicles are virtually silent.

How can an electric car save me money?

Electric cars do have larger upfront costs, there is no denying this. However, with fantastic finance options and many grants available, you will save money by owning an electric vehicle.

Government Grants.

The UK government currently offer you up to £4,500 off your electric vehicle purchase. This helps reduce the outright cost significantly.

Free Parking in MK.

Amongst other local benefits, you can park your car for free in Milton Keynes if you are plugged-in. Speak to our EV Gurus for further details.

No petrol costs.

Petrol and diesel costs are always rising. With electric cars, you can charge your vehicle for £2 at home. This can save you thousands in the long run.

Milton Keynes is the perfect place to drive electric

Milton Keynes has invested heavily into paving the way for electric motoring. It now has over 300 public charge points for drivers as well as offering free parking at most of them whilst you’re plugged in. With fuel consumption at it’s highest when you have to tackle all the roundabouts that MK has, you are bound to save money if you make the switch.

Want to find out more?

We are there to help you get the most out of your electric car and help you every step of the way. Come and visit us at the EV Experience Centre in centre:mk for more information on the benefits and the chance to try out our different models on the market, completely commitment-free.