The New Volkswagen e-Up joins the EVEC

28-02-2020, 14:13:41

Three new 2020 Volkswagen e-ups join the EV Experience Centre test drive fleet, available now on both short, and long term experiences!

Last revised in 2017 with a real-world range of around 60 miles, the 2020 model doubles this to a real-world 125 miles. For those of you who enjoy your numbers, the e-Up! now carries a 36kWh (32kWh usable) battery, giving it a WLTP tested range of 162 miles.

It achieves an output of 82hp, with an impressive rapid level of performance, leaning the car closer to its GTI counterpart than many would expect. 

The new e-up! and other similar models from Volkswagen Auto Group’s other manufacturing arms now represent one of the best entry-level electric vehicles in the market if you are targeting exclusively low costs, starting out at just inside £20k. 

Starting from today, one e-up will become a permanent short term test drive car, while the others will be available for long term experiences, starting out at £50 for 4-day experiences, moving up to £75 for 7-days, subject to our usual terms and conditions!

We hope to see you up! here soon, for your Electric Vehicle Experience.