Renault Zoe gets a new look with the Pedalling Culture project

25-03-2019, 11:06:43

As a Milton Keynes Council initiative, the EV Experience Centre is proud to promote and support local projects and events; none more so than the Pedalling Culture Project, funded by Arts Council England’s Cultural Destination programmes. 

The Pedalling Culture mission is to make Milton Keynes a cultural destination landmark in the UK, notably through encouraging the development of sustainable transportation and the uptake of electric vehicles. The EV Experience Centre started working with Pedalling Culture in 2018, with our team attending some fantastic events across the area, and our Renault Zoe’s receiving exclusive makeovers. 

Designed by talented artists, our Renault Zoe’s have been vinyl wrapped with artwork, guaranteed to catch your eye. The latest designs were recently revealed at the re-opening of Milton Keynes Art Gallery earlier this month, designed by London artist, Emma Hart, and Ingrid Pollard from Guyana. 

‘I,I,I’ was produced by Emma Hart, a sculpture, photography and performance artist, after she studied family therapy, illustrating the question ‘do families actually talk to each other, hesitate or not talk at all’. 

The second design by Ingrid Pollard, artist and photographer, was inspired by a fabric design that weaves together references to rural labour, the cotton industry and traditional printing crafts. 

Both designs have been popular with visitors as well as the general public, and offer a fantastic collaboration between art and modern technology.