Explore the new longer range Zoe

With new Z.E. 40 battery Renault has proven its expertise and experience in electric vehicle innovation, offering you a greater driving range and full flexibility.

Homecharge Included

Renault has chosen Chargemaster to be its preferred Electric Vehicles Charging partner, through which EV drivers are able to take advantage of a government grant of up to 75% support. When a retail customer with a domestic address and off-street parking buys a ZOE, a 7kW Homecharger will be provided, fully installed and able to charge a ZOE with Z.E. 40 battery from flat-to-full in 7-8 hours, typically overnight.

View Renault's Homecharge videos here.

A whole range of options

Renault had 6 models of the Renault Zoe to choose from, starting from just £14,245 with the Expression Nav.

Easy electric life

Rediscover multimedia through simple features tailored to your Renault ZOE, including a large touch screen, Bluetooth®, USB and jack sockets on the front panel and more. Listening to your music, syncing your phone book and accessing vehicle information has never been easier!