The UK's best selling 100% electric vehicle

Developed with game-changing technology that produces zero emissions while driving, the LEAF re-writes the rules on car driving and ownership. It’s designed for anyone who believes that their choices can truly make a difference.


Solutions that help you save

Buy an electric car and say goodbye to petrol and diesel. Oil changes and maintenance of complex mechanical components will also be a thing of the past. That’s because the Nissan LEAF hatchback doesn’t have an internal-combustion engine or a traditional gearbox, so it has far fewer moving parts. You'll spend less on maintenance and enjoy far lower fuel costs thanks to the difference in electricity cost compared to petrol or diesel.

Explore Electric Driving

Charging the Nissan LEAF is simple. You can charge it at home using the supplied cable, use a Rapid Charge Port or install a home charging unit. The Nissan LEAF comes with a free Chargemaster Homecharge.

Discover a fun new way to drive

Full torque from a standstill and impressive acceleration response brings fun and practicality to your everyday motoring. The floor-mounted battery pack creates a low centre of gravity for a great ride and smooth handling, helping the LEAF corner with minimal body roll. Whether you’re on the motorway, doing the shopping or taking the long way home, this is one car that will change the way you think about driving.

Talk to your Nissan LEAF

With the NissanConnect EV telematics system and companion smartphone app on the Acenta and Tekna, owning an electric car has never been easier. You'll be able to remotely schedule a charging time or activate the climate control, wherever you are.

Got a question?

Visit the EV Experience Centre today for full information on the Nissan LEAF and take it for a spin with our EV gurus.