New Flexible Experience Price Changes

11-02-2022, 11:42:52

The Electric Vehicle Experience Centre Flexible Experiences have been a huge success over the past year, therefore we have decided to keep the length option the same but review the prices for some of the newer models.

It is currently £15 per day for standard vehicles and £30 per day for premium vehicles.

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The new pricing structure includes four price groups, the first three sit in the standard insurance criteria and has a £500 damage deposit and the fourth group sits in the premium insurance criteria and has a £750 damage deposit.

Group 1 will be £15 per day, group 2 will be £20 per day and group 3 will be £25 per day. Group 4 is for premium vehicles and will be £40 per day.

These new prices will take affect on Monday 14th February at 09.30.

Please see the new prices below.

If you’d like to make an experience booking, please complete this form (, then give us a call on 01908 229339 to make payment and secure your dates.


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