NEW Experience Prices!!

25-06-2020, 11:54:05

Since reopening the EV Experience Centre, we have been fulfilling customers that had frozen bookings but as of today, we are going to be taking brand new bookings for longer experiences.

We have taken the opportunity to revise our experience costs, and the way we offer the experience.
Previously, you could take our vehicles for four, or seven days, with prices based on the car.

Our new structure allows you to build your own experience. 
First, you choose a car from our line-up, which can be found on our website:

Then, you can choose a period of between two-and-eight days to take the experience car for, allowing for anything from an overnight test drive, to a Saturday to Saturday week of electric vehicle driving.

Each day you take our EV for will cost £15, and your included mileage increases by 50 miles per day booked. Take a look at the flexible package choices below.

You can exceed the allotted mileage, however there will be an excess mileage charge of 25p per mile. Also don’t forget, all experiences include a Polar Plus card, which allows free charging on the Polar network for the duration of the experience. 

While our price for our longer experiences has seen a slight increase, we are now able to offer both extended mileages for our longer experiences compared to before, while simultaneously offering a lower entry level cost, for those looking for their first taste of electric.