Milton Keynes to Aberdeen in a Nissan LEAF

10-01-2018, 16:56:42

We hear the term ‘Range Anxiety’ a lot at the EV Experience Centre, with a fair few of our visitors worried about running out of battery while driving.

As a team, we aim to challenge these perceptions, which is why we decided to send EV Guru, Bianca, on a road trip in a pure electric car to experience for herself long distance electric driving.

Going from the EV Experience Centre in Milton Keynes to Aberdeen, Bianca chose to take one of the most popular EVs currently on the market, a Nissan LEAF. With a range of 155 miles (NEDC) and with a trip of approximately 490 miles ahead of her, Bianca would have a good chance to experience the charging infrastructures available in the UK, as well as the performance of this compact pure electric hatchback.

“I travelled up from Milton Keynes to Aberdeen in a Nissan LEAF, which is fully electric. On my route up I stopped to charge 7 times, each stop lasting 30-40 minutes, the perfect amount of time for a coffee.

I found that even on my days off I couldn’t stop working! Along the way I ran into several EV owners and EV enthusiasts who were very interested in my journey and the car too. I enjoyed being able to chat with them and share the information I knew. It was very interesting to hear what EV owners thought about their cars and the infrastructure which was generally very positive. It was even better to chat to those that were a little sceptical of the electric vehicle future, explaining what I knew and that I was travelling over 400 miles in a fully electric car made those fears and doubts start to fade and their interest grew, some are even looking at getting an EV or PHEV now!

On my way back down to Milton Keynes, I stopped 7 times again, only encountering 2 charging issues, which made the adventure all the more interesting, however when I encounter issues the customer service teams over the phone were always very friendly and helpful, which made the experience very pleasant. 

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience and the hiccups along the way.”