It’s Love MK Day!

30-04-2020, 09:19:20

On this Love MK Day we wanted to take the time to explain exactly what it is that has made us fall in love with this town we at the EVEC call home.

Love MK Day is an opportunity for people to express their pride in what Milton Keynes has to offer, and especially in these trying times it gives us a fantastic opportunity to reflect on the brilliance of MK.

In support of the more vulnerable citizens of Milton Keynes, the council have been assisting in the delivery of essential supplies across the town. It gives us great pride to supply our experience vehicles during our closure, accompanied by free charging, to ensure this excellent practice can be carried out cost free.

Milton Keynes has always been designed as a perfect merger of green spaces, and inner city living. 

Part of protecting this harmonious combination of green and grey has been the electrification of Milton Keynes – a process we have endeavoured to assist with, and educate about. It gives us a unique pleasure to operate in a city that values electric vehicles and prioritises the installation of publicly available charge points.

As much as we would love our next words to be to encourage you to take to the road and experience electric, we would love for you to write back to us on our social media using the tag #LoveMK, and tell us what you have been loving about MK, from the safety of your own home!

In the meantime, you can find out more about Love MK at the Destination MK website.