It’s BMW takeover week

12-02-2020, 13:58:44

It’s BMW takeover week, come and visit the centre to get up and close with the BMW i3, BMW 330e and the phenomenon that is the BMW i8 Roadster. The BMW takeover runs from Monday 10th February 2020 until Sunday 16th February 2020.

BMW has made new strides into electrification, with nearly half of their catalogue now available in Plug-In Hybrid form, with the BMW 330, 530, 730, 225x, X1, X3 and X5 available as 20-30 mile plug in hybrids, there are options at every tier of BMW’s extensive portfolio. 

Moving from the mainstream into the extreme, the BMW i8 has been re-invented as a 2-seater drop-top roadster. With a souped-up 1.5L in the rear, coupled with its a front-mounted electric motor, the two team-up to produce 374HP, which when shovelled into its 1.5-tonne frame produces a 0-60 time of 4.6 seconds. 

Rounding out the takeover at our faithful BMW i3, the 120Ah (43kWh to us normal folk) brings the i3 to a real-world range of 150 miles. The BMW i3 remains one of our favourite cars to showcase to visitors, with its space-age design, and extremes of performance and regeneration, it showcases what it means to go electric in an unmistakable manner.

Having been a segment front-runner over the last half-decade, we are excited to see what the next instalment will bring from BMWi, as the battle for the best electric hatch is only getting fiercer.

The BMW takeover runs from 10/02/20 on to 16/02/20, showcasing the BMW i3, i3s, 330e, and the i8 Roadster, most of whom you won’t normally see within our showroom. So come on down, and Plug Into Something Bold, with BMW & EVEC. Experience electric for yourself, with our free 20-minute test drives in the BMW i3.