Electric City

Milton Keynes has been named as one of four cities in the UK to become a ‘Go Ultra Low’ City by the UK Government bringing with it a £9 million investment into the area and making the city one of the best places to be an electric vehicle driver.

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Over the next few years, residents and businesses will see a range of initiatives taking place in the City to help create a great environment for electric vehicle drivers – helping to make Milton Keynes a greener place to live, work and visit. The plug-in revolution is already well underway, with 90,000 electric cars registered in the UK by 2016. Electric cars and vans are already a common sight on our city’s roads and Milton Keynes Council has a bold ambition to rapidly increase this number, making the city a leading location for electric driving.

What’s happening in Milton Keynes

Here’s just some of the projects being introduced to make Milton Keynes a Go Ultra Low City.

EV Experience Centre

The dedicated EV Experience Centre has been funded through the Go Ultra Low programme to provide impartial advice on electric cars.

Rapid Charging Stations

Two rapid charging stations will be developed – at Coachway and in MK City Centre – with multiple charge points under one roof which can charge vehicles in around 30 minutes.

Free Parking for electric vehicles

Drive an electric car and you can now park free of charge in the city centre at one of over 15,000 parking bays by registering for a free green permit.

More charge points

With plans to install up to 300 additional charge points – in popular public locations, workplaces and close to residential areas – there’s even more places to charge. Find out more

Trialling new technology

Looking to the future, the project is looking to undertake innovative trials in areas such as on street and wireless charging.

A business support progamme

Dedicated advice and support is availble for businesses wishing to introduce electric cars and vans into their fleet or company car scheme.

Highways signage

We’ll be improving the signage around the city to provide better and clearer information on the facilities available for EVs.

Charge Point Grants

Find out more about the grants available for charge points in the City. APPLY NOW
Milton Keynes has a vision to become one of the most electric vehicle friendly cities and one of the most sustainable regions in Europe. Go Ultra Low City is an exciting programme which will make electric car ownership feasible for most people.
Councillor Peter Marland, Leader of Milton Keynes Council

Go Ultra Low

The Go Ultra Low Milton Keynes City programme is supported by the UK Government through the Department for Transport (DfT) and the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV). The project is managed by Milton Keynes Council.

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