What are your opening times?

Details of our full opening times and location can be found by clicking here.

Where is the EV Experience Centre?

We’re very fortunate to be based in the centre:mk. The full address is 26 & 28 Crown Walk, Milton Keynes, MK9 3AH and we’re right in between Boots and F. J. Hind (jewellers).

What do you provide in the EV experience centre?

We offer brand-neutral advice to visitors about the different electric vehicles (EVs) on today’s market and help our customers with the process of buying an EV. Our in-store team offer bespoke advice, dependent on your lifestyle and budget, to help you make an informed decision before making the switch to electric, as well as after.

Can I buy a car from the centre?

We don’t sell anything from the Centre. We are here to help you make a decision on which electric car could suit you. If you would like to go ahead, we recommend that you contact your local dealership but be sure to come to us once you’ve bought an electric car so we can help with all your charging and parking needs!

What vehicles do you offer?

We have partnerships with key manufacturers in the electric vehicle industry, including BMW i, Renault and Volkswagen. We offer electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid vehicle test drives, so you can experience which may work for your lifestyle.

What is an EV?

EV stands for electric vehicle, and refers to the full range of electric and plug-in vehicles as a collective. 

What is a PHEV?

PHEV stands for plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, meaning it has a petrol/diesel engine as well as a rechargeable battery.

How much does it cost to charge an electric car?

This answer completely depends on the battery size of your car, and where you charge your car most often. On average, it will cost around £2.00 to charge up your car fully. Our EV gurus can help you work out exact savings if you switch to electric.

How long does it take to charge an electric car?

This answer also depends on the battery size of your car. There are different speeds of charging, including overnight slow charging to rapid charging, which takes 30 minutes for a full charge.

Where can I park to visit the EV Experience Centre?

Another advantage of driving an electric car in Milton Keynes is free parking! If you do have an electric car, you qualify for free parking if you are plugged in around the centre:mk. Alternatively, you also can get free parking in standard bays (purple) if you have a green permit from the council. Come into the centre and we can help you apply for one!

For those still driving petrol/diesel cars, there is parking across Milton Keynes and around centre:mk. Parking charges may apply. 

I want to apply for a job, what do I do?

Visit us in store with your CV and speak to the manager on duty, or email us at enquiries@evexperiencecentre.co.uk

What do I need to bring for a 20-minute test drive?

For 20-minute test drives from the centre, you will simply need to bring your driving licence and national insurance number. We will check that you are between ages 21 and 75 and that you have had your license for more than 24 months and have less than six penalty points. These test drives will be accompanied with one of our lovely EV gurus so they will help you with any questions you have about the different vehicles.

What do I need to do for a week-long loan?

For a week-long loan, you will need to have a 20-minute familiarisation with the vehicle, provide your licence card, as well as your national insurance number, this is to generate a DVLA check code which can be generated here. All drivers must be over 21 and below 75 and have less than 6 penalty points. You will also need to provide 2 proof of identification, one must bear a signature, the other an address (dated in the last 90 days).

How do I get a Homecharge unit?

There are currently significant grants available for Homecharge units (up to £500 off). We recommend Chargemaster units, with over 30,000 customers so far. Come into the centre and we will help you, or, visit their website here.

How do I get access to the charging network in Milton Keynes?

We have POLAR cards within store and can help you with the simple sign-up form. Alternatively, visit polar-network.com and sign up to receive a card within 2 working days.

Visit us today

We are here to help you get the most out of your electric car and help you every step of the way. Come and visit us at the EV Experience Centre in centre:mk for more information on the benefits and the chance to try out our different models on the market, completely commitment-free.