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Brochure for BMW i3

The all-electric BMW i3 is the world’s first mass production model to be designed for sustainability at every stage, from the development of the car to its production and everyday use. With a real world range of 150 miles from it’s 120Ah (42kWh) battery, the BMW i3 offers unique levels of agility and acceleration, achieving 0-60 times of 7.3 seconds to produce a car that rings true to BMW’s mission to create the ultimate driving machine. Plug into something bold with the BMW i3.

Brochure for Renault ZOE ZE.40

The Renault ZOE ZE.40 was released in 2016 and is now only available to purchase in the used car sales market, since its successor, the ZE.50 was released in 2020. With a 186 WLTP range, Renault has proven its expertise and experience in electric vehicle innovation, offering you a greater driving range and full flexibility.

Brochure for Volkswagen e-Golf

Designed to perfectly mirror it’s combustion counterparts, the Volkswagen e-Golf finds itself exceeding them, offering unparalleled silence and smoothness. Released in 2017, the Volkswagen e-Golf is capable of a real world 125 miles, with impressive levels of low end torque you would otherwise only find in a much higher end spec. The perfect blend of driving excellence and intelligent charging software, creating a seamless transition into the electrified world of Volkswagen.

Brochure for Volkswagen e-UP

The e-up! just got much more compelling, twice as much in fact! With a doubled range of 125 miles real world, the Volkswagen city car is bursting with long-range capability, bundled with interior space that needs to be seen to be believed. The city car, just became the everything car. Get behind the wheel now!

Brochure for MINI Countryman

221BHP shared across a petrol hybrid drive-train makes the MINI Countryman capable of range leading power, at a fuel efficiency that other performance MINIs would struggle to match. Capable of a real world electric range of 21 miles to cover local mileage in zero-emission driving, and a 1.5L turbocharged engine to cover longer distances, at higher speeds, the Mini Countryman PHEV combines the best of both worlds, producing variable performance for all driving styles and distances, with the added safety of an all-wheel drive drivetrain.

Brochure for Renault ZOE ZE.50

The ZOE returns to the market with an interior and exterior refresh, and a revamped 245 (WLTP) mile range to match. Providing market leading quality and achievable range for the price tag, there’s never been more reason to get behind the wheel of the european best-seller, in it’s latest and greatest incarnation.

Brochure for Volkswagen ID.3

The first Volkswagen ID concept to reach the market, the ID.3 offers the exterior dimensions of the Golf, with the interior space of a Passat in a mind-bending feat of engineering. Couple that with it’s WLTP range of 260 miles in their Mid-Range models, the Volkswagen ID.3 is a demonstration of great things to come from VW Group. Get behind the wheel of the future, today!

Brochure for MINI Electric

Produced to continue MINI’s heritage of a spirited drive, in it’s condensed, traditional package, the MINI Electric does just this. Produced alongside a combustion counterpart, the MINI Electric enters the market at a lower price than it’s combustion sibling, with performance to match it. With a range of 145 (WLTP) miles, and a 0-60 in 6.9 seconds, the MINI Electric is a truly compelling city car, marrying the future of automation, with MINI’s rich driving history.