Charging, then and now

22-04-2020, 16:31:32

In a period in which many of our EV’s are standing dormant, it is important to look back on the last few years, and realise how far we have come as an EV community. 

Back in 2018, we celebrated the advent of 1000 rapid charging locations nationwide around this time in April. The data curated by Zap-Map also specified that this consisted of 1,484 devices, meaning many locations consisted of more than one rapid charger.

Now, in 2020, this number of rapid charging locations has more than doubled to 2168, and with 3133 devices we are still seeing installations that can facilitate multi-car charging.


So where are we going? If we apply the growth of the last two years, we expect to see as many as 4700 locations by the end of 2022!

With every rapid charge point installed, the achievable range of EV’s grows even further, so what will your next destination be once you return to the road? Wherever it is, make sure it’s electrifying.

(Data taken from Zap Map website and represent approximate predictions of growth in EV infrastructure, sourced here: – Zap-Map is the UK’s leading charging point platform. The charging point map, available on the desktop and iOS/Android apps, helps electric vehicle (EV) drivers locate available charge points, plan routes and share updates with the community.)