At the EV Experience Centre, we offer:

  • Brand neutral, and no obligation advice on the best electric vehicle for you, your lifestyle and your budget
  • Short 20-minute test drives in our range of fleet vehicles
  • Long-term test drives, from 2 to 8 days, allowing you and your family a real experience of owning an electric car
  • Advice about charging your electric vehicle, and the charging infrastructure available

Our Aims

We have three simple aims within the EV Experience Centre.


To offer expert knowledge and end-to-end advice; from questions about cost to technical information on batteries and charging.


To give visitors a real experience of the vehicles by offering short-term and long-term test drives.


To guide visitors with easy to understand information; no tricky jargon here, just friendly, real advice.

Meet the Team

We’re delighted to have 7 fantastic staff at the EV Experience Centre. If in doubt, pop by to say hello!

Dan Mclaren

EV Experience Centre Manager

Lewis Barthaud

Assistant manager

Rachel Clarke

EV Guru

Ben Hugh

EV Guru

Althaf Naufel

EV Guru


EV Guru

Mahbub Ali

EV Guru

Come visit us today

We are there to help you get the most out of your electric car and help you every step of the way. Come and visit us at the EV Experience Centre in centre:mk for more information on the benefits and the chance to try out our different models on the market, completely commitment-free.