100,000 EVEC visitors

14-06-2019, 09:33:46

We are excited to announce that this month we welcomed our 100,000th visitor through the EV Experience Centre doors. This is a fantastic milestone to reach, especially as we approach the Centre’s 2nd birthday in July!

Our Centre has seen over 3,600 short term test drives and over 600 long term test drives; with over 900 test drives just this year. It has been amazing to see electric vehicles grow so significantly, in both popularity and technology, in the last 2 years with more and more people realising the numerous benefits. 

We have hosted visitors from a variety of industries, and countries from around the world, all seeking advice on how to take their next step towards electric mobility. 

We aim to continue our work with the local community, MK council and drivers across the country for another year and onwards. 


Thank you to our first 100,000 visitors, here’s to 100,000 more!